Happy Birthday Priya

Friendship is like standing in wet cement, the longer you stay. The harder it is to leave and you can never leave without leaving your footprints behind.

A friend is honest, a friend is true,
Some people just have no clue.
If everyone had a friend like you,
They would feel amazing too!
A friend can always make you smile,
Even when you’ve been down for quite a while.
A friend picks you up when you feel down,
Even if they have to act like a clown.
A friend will be there through thick and thin,
And make you feel like you are truely there kin.
A friend will always tell you when they are mad,
Even if you’re the reason they are sad.
A friend is one you can count on in your darkest hour,
And make you feel like a beautiful flower.
So this is you our dear friend,
We’ve described you in the very best way that we can.

Happy Birthday!!

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